In 1974 Multi Community Diversified Services (MCDS) began its mission to provide outstanding services to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities as Hope Preschool. More than 45 years later, MCDS has since evolved to help those individuals as adults. Our mission is “to excel in providing services to individuals with disabilities by promoting community inclusion and employment opportunities with a maximum level of independence and dignity”.
Our mission is always at the forefront as we look to move into the future, which is how Sunflower Mercantile was born. MCDS has always had a vision to truly be remarkable and excel in providing meaningful employment opportunities with community integration and competitive wages to individuals with disabilities. With this goal in mind, we were motivated to create Sunflower Mercantile for this purpose. Sunflower Mercantile is a downtown storefront in our wonderful community of McPherson. Our store will embody all the values and principles MCDS was founded on. In this setting we will provide job training and employment in a variety of capacities to the individuals we serve, including; creating, packaging, and labeling store products as well as working serving customers in the store. The employment opportunities provided at Sunflower Mercantile will help ensure community employment is available to the individuals we serve as well as creating a space where those we support can truly connect with their community while pursuing work opportunities.
Sunflower Mercantile provides a wide range of merchandise such as home decor, relaxing bath products, yesteryear shaving kits for men, fun mixes to add to your favorite cuisines at home, delicious coffees, and delectable sweet treats just to name a few. MCDS is passionate about bringing quality products to your home, family, and taste buds, as well as filling our store with merchandise the individuals we serve are proud and excited to bring to their community and customers.
MCDS has been incredibly fortunate to spend the last 45 years supporting and serving some of the most extraordinary individuals in McPherson County. Individuals full of endless potential, a dedicated work ethic, and the ability to bring joy to the lives of others in the simplest of ways. It is our vision that through Sunflower Mercantile these individuals can bring their joy and passion for life to the community through their work and presence at the storefront. MCDS is excited about this new adventure and the opportunity to continue our commitment to making a profound impact on the lives of these individuals and to the communities in McPherson County.